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Boiler Repairs London

Here at Boiler Repairs R Us, we know that when your boiler breaks down it is not just one problem but several. No boiler means no hot water and no heating, which is both massively inconvenient and terribly stressful.

That’s why we pull out all the stops to get each and every one of our customers’ boilers up and running with zero delays.

One call to Boiler Repairs R Us and we can have one of our highly qualified, gas safe engineers at your door within an hour. Our team shares almost three decades of experience and has faced and fixed every boiler-related issue you could name. So, when you make that call to Boiler Repairs R Us, you can rest assured you’re getting in touch with the right people for the job.

We handle all boiler jobs

Whether the problem is a leaky boiler, a noisy boiler or one that has just stopped working, we have the tools and knowledge to solve it for you. It doesn’t matter what boiler brand you own either. We can get to work on all the major manufacturers’ machines.

Not only that, we also offer a free health-check on every repair we do. That way, we can detect any issues your boiler might be having before they become problems that could interrupt your day-to-day living.

Why choose Boiler Repairs R Us

Boiler Repairs R Us’ reputation is not just built upon knowledge and experience. We are also well-known across the South East as being the friendliest, quickest and most reliable service around. We take customer service incredibly seriously and so do everything in our power to ensure each call we take is handled with a maximum of responsiveness, taking the time to answer any questions you might have and giving you open and clear information related to repair time and cost.

Boiler Repairs Van

This approach means everybody wins. Our customers get peace of mind, the boiler gets fixed and we build up solid, long-lasting relationships with all our clients. We have customers whose boilers we have been keeping in tip-top condition for more than ten years. They know that, when an issue arises, it will be dealt with rapidly and they will be kept up to date with all the relevant information at all times.

Our call centre opens 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It doesn’t matter what time you need us, we will have somebody on hand to take your call. Also, as our engineers will give you all the information up front about costs, you have complete control over your spending too.

The rates we charge are fixed, not to mention very competitive, so you will never find mysterious charges added to your bill. All the money you spend will go directly toward getting your boiler in working condition again.

It is this combination of flexibility, reliability, value and, of course, great service that puts Boiler Repairs R Us so far ahead of the competition.

The benefits of Boiler Repairs R Us boiler repair

  • A team of gas engineers servicing all parts of London and the surrounding areas.
  • Competitive, fixed rates, all of which are made clear before we begin work in your home. You will never find hidden charges on your final bill.
  • A 24/7 call centre staffed by our friendly team, who are more than happy to field any boiler queries you might have.
  • Any boiler-related problem is well within our fixing capabilities.
  • We can repair boilers from all the major brands, including Valiant, Baxi, Glow Worm, Worchester, Raven and Ideal.
  • We are happy to do a health check up on your boiler too, to give it the longest possible life span.

Looking for an estimate on long term work?

While our main business involves day-to-day boiler maintenance, we also have the skills and tools to take on larger planned work in your home. If you need to take care of jobs such as unvented hot water cylinders, full boiler replacement, the installation of a central heating system or a system upgrade, Boiler Repairs R Us is up to the task. Call now and our team will work out a quick estimate free of charge.

So, regardless of the job required, if it involves boilers, Boiler Repairs R Us is your one stop shop. We have the team, tools, experience and knowledge to ensure the long term health of your boiler stays in peak condition.

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